Hand-Crafted Platters

platters-300x225If you are interested in serving professionally prepared fine foods in your own home, but without formal servers and chefs present, our wide array of Fork Full’s signature dishes, are available for delivery or pick-up.  

You can order from us anytime, no matter how large a group.   We require confirmation within 5 business days of your event date and full payment up front. You choose—our platters or yours! 

Please call our office  – (415) 448-5178 – to inquire about this service and someone will happily assist you with portioning,  planning and pricing. Please note, these dishes are designed to be served at room temperature or cold so that there isn’t any work for you when your guests arrive.  If you are interested in an event with some chefs or servers in attendance, we can modify your selections to include hot items as well.


Wild salmon confit on cucumber with chives, dill and meyer lemon olive oil (local delivery only)
Smoked trout on endive spear with lemon aioli, pickled onion and dill oil
Wild mushroom and chevre phyllo tartlet with fresh marjoram
Seared flank steak on endive spear with tarragon aioli, pickled red onion and chervil
Curried vegetable stuffed butterball potato with micro greens
Smashed chickpeas & grilled artichoke w/ oregano on baby bell pepper
Chevre stuffed, cardamom scented dates dipped in crushed pistachio
Grilled zucchini roll-ups with arugula pesto, chevre and local greens

Farmers market fruit skewerette with mint chiffonade
Cherry tomato, Genovese basil and fresh mozzarella Caprese skewerette
Prosciutto and bartlett pear on puff pastry with Bellwether ricotta, balsamic reduction and basil
Butternut & blue cheese savory scones (can be made gluten-free)
Orange & currant sweet scones (can be made gluten-free)
Orange currant scones with lavender butter
Gourmet deviled egg trio (classic dill pickle, curried and maple-bacon jalepeno)

Grilled and chilled jumbo prawns with spicy coconut-tamarind-basil dipping sauce
Mini king crab (or Dungeness) crab bites with tarragon remoulade

STATIONARY APPETIZERS, priced per person, minimum order – 20 servings

Local Artisan’s Cheese BoardA selection of 4 local cheeses, paired with our house made embellishments and served with seasonal fruit, locally baked breads and rustic crackers ($8.50)
Local Cheese Trio – 3 local cheeses with house made jam, seasonal fruit, sweet toasted walnuts, crackers and sweet baguette ($6.50)
Camembert and Flame Grapes wildflower honey and french baguette ($5.00)
Beehive Cheddars and Heirloom Apples smoky vanilla almonds and ciabatta ($6.00)
Classic Charcuterie Board – including duck pate, pork rillette, local salumis, pickled savories, mustards, McEvoy olives & crackers ($9.00)
Greek Mezza including house marinated mushrooms, slow roasted harissa eggplant, dry cured olives, hummus, chile jam, feta cheese, herby marinated cherry tomatoes and flatbreads for wrapping ($7.00)
Mediterranean Antipasti Platter with dry salami, pepperocini, marinated seasonal vegetables, roasted garlic bulbs, giant butter beans, imported pecorino and Italian baguettes ($7.50)
Market Vegetables Three Ways: roasted, blanched and raw with roasted carrot hummus & tuscan onion dip ($5.75)
Rustic, Chilled Root Vegetables with tzatziki dip and arugula pesto ($6.50)
Grilled and Chilled Wild Prawn cocktail with tomato ginger chutney ($9.00)
Slow Baked Side of Wild Salmon light mustard glaze, served with crème fraiche, dill, chives, caperberries and fresh lemon wedges ($12.00)  ***served at room temperature
Caprese Skewerettes w/ cherry tomato, chiffonade of Genovese basil, mozzarella cinghele ($5.50)
Seasonal Fruit Skewers with Mint  – market fruit on a 5” skewer, lightly misted with orange-honey-mint water ($4.75)

SLIDER SANDWICHES ON BRIOCHE, 24 to an order, served with our house made pickles

Grilled sirloin steak with with jalepeño jam, horseradish cream and mixed chicories ($96.00) 
*Pork shoulder Bahn Mi w/ pickled vegetables, mint, cilantro and sriracha aioli ($96.00)  
Ham, brie, caramelized onion and honey mustard ($96.00) 
Curried chicken salad with mesclun greens ($96.00) 
Cider brined pork tenderloin, pickled onion and apple chutney ($96.00) 
Our signature dilly egg salad with red leaf lettuce ($94.00) 
Roasted portobella, chevre and arugula pesto ($94.00)
*available with portobella instead of pork


  • Minimum food purchase per delivered order is $400.00
  • Minimum food purchase per carry-out order is $400.00.
  • Delivery fees vary based on distance from kitchen and time of day ($25.00 and up). 
  • You may select to have food prepared on compostable platters, our platters, or you can bring your own for us to use.
  • We charge a 3.0% service fee for compostable platters and sugar cane based compostable utensils.  We allow you to use our platters for 48 hours, after that, we charge a fee.
  • We charge a 10.0% fee to use our in-house china, wood, stone and vintage platters.
  • We charge a 3.0% service fee for payments using a credit card, or via Paypal.
  • PLEASE NOTE – plates, eating utensils, napkins and cups do not automatically come with our platters.  You may purchase these items from us if you wish, please inquire.