Autumn Casual Fare Buffet


Local Cheese Trio
three local cheeses with dried fruit, sweet toasted walnuts,
crackers & sweet baguettes

Mediterranean Antipasti Platter
with dry salami, pepperoncini, marinated seasonal vegetables,
roasted garlic bulbs, giant butter beans, imported pecorino & Italian baguettes


Kale & Plum Salad
with sprouted almonds, pickled onions & sweet onion dressing

Roasted Market Vegetables
season’s best offerings roasted in olive & sea salt

Sunburst Tabbouleh
bulgur wheat, toybox tomatoes, cucumbers,
mint, garlic & olive oil dressing

Herbed Chicken Brochettes
with cherry tomatoes & chimichurri

Slow-baked Whole Side of Salmon
with a mustard glaze, crème fraîche, dill, lemon & caper berries


Seasonal Fruit Galette
with whipped cream