Serving the entire Bay Area as well as parts of the Central Coast, we craft original menus that are driven by what is in season and cultivated almost entirely from Marin and Sonoma county’s organic, transitional and most importantly – local – farms and artisans. Our thoughtful and balanced menus are crafted solely for your unique event. We are proud to work with farms and ranches that you know by name.  



Cucumber Avocado Rolls

First and foremost, we are committed to purchasing the highest quality goods from aligned farms up across the Bay Area. In doing so, we help sustain our local agriculture and strengthen the community of farms and ranches nearby. Buying goods during their natural growing season means we are able to enjoy cooking with products that are already at their peak. And we help the farmers by buying what is at the moment, in abundance. Our menus reflect this bounty and vitality, inviting your guests to immerse themselves in classic California cuisine.

Our events aspire to evoke an acknowledgment of what you ultimately consume when you enjoy a mouthful of food: the hard work of many committed hands, the delicate balance of sun, rain and nutrients and the opportunity to empower yourself through eating well. Though we take great pride in the unique touch we add to the food, we enjoy even more knowing that we are a part of wildly intricate process which begins in the Earth, with what is grown upon it.

We enjoy knowing that by preparing sustainably-minded cuisine for you, we are together celebrating the joyful and gratifying experience of nourishing ourselves conscientiously. It is our pleasure, in collaboration with your other vendors, to generate events that are exciting, fun, and stress-free. Our staff is eager to help make your event memorable and delicious.


Gorgonzola Focaccia

Gorgonzola Focaccia

We enjoy being creatively inspired by food trends, but more than that, we are dedicated to furthering the food traditions that invite a mindful appreciation of the source, cultivation and preparation of delicious cuisine.

All of us at ForkFull are inspired by the movement to cultivate a sustainable food system in our country. We are in this industry because we believe in the value of slowing down to enjoy a great meal with those you care about.

Whether you are hiring us for your wedding, graduation, retirement or for your toddler’s birthday party, we are available to help create an experience that is special and customized just for you.

We promise at each event:

  • to produce your event efficiently and graciously with mindfulness, joyfulness and professionalism
  • to present an enticing, interactive, and deeply nourishing atmosphere around dining, with the hopes of inspiring people to honor more deeply their body’s relationship to food
  • to bring a truly remarkable quality of service to the coordination, production and execution of your event, no matter the size

All catering by a fork full of earth will include:

  • delicious event specific recipes which will enhance the atmosphere around and complement your event
  • food purchases that support local purveyors
  • signage depicting the ingredients in each dish and mindful labeling to inform your guests with dietary restrictions
  • conscientious waste removal, recycling, and composting